The department of Prosthodontics offers artificial teeth from experts who make your smiles look beautiful and function the way it should with treatment suited to each patient’s individual need providing fixed or removable dentures.

  • Removable prosthesis (Partial & Complete denture)
  • Fixed ( Crown & Bridge) prosthesis for lost / missing teeth
  • Prosthesis to prevent the grinding of teeth
  • Implant retained prosthesis for lost / missing teeth
  • Maxillofacial prosthesis for replacement of missing ear, eye, nose and palate Prosthodontics Hospital
  • Prosthodontics

Consultants Available:

Prof. Nazia Yazdanie-Professor & HOD

Dr. Zahra Mahmood-Associate Professor

Dr. Samia Shafiq-FCPS-II

Dr. Muhammad Haider Amin-FCP-II

Dr. Abdullah Karamat-FCP-II

Dr. Khuda e Dad-FCP-II

Dr. Muhammad Waqas-FCP-II

Dr. Zahid Iqbal-Associate Professor

Dr. Syed Shehla Batool-Assistant Professor

Dr. Ayesha Bashir-FCPS-II

Dr. Khadija Shahid-FCPS-II

Dr. Mohid Rehman-FCPS-II

Dr. Ussamah Waheed Jatala-FCPS-II