Fatima Memorial Hospital offers state of the art Central Sterilization Services (CSSD) for Hospitals and Patients.

  • Highest level of infection prevention for patients
  • Latest Technology by GETINGE (a world leader in sterilization technology)
  • There are separate entry and exit points to ensure that the instruments are not mixed up. Infection free environment through using technology such as HVAC.
  • Use of decontaminator to avoid the high level of microbial contamination which the usual sterilization cycle may not be able to destroy.
  • Ultrasonic washer comprising use of high frequency sound waves into mechanical vibrations that free soil from the surface of instruments drawing out the tiniest particles of debris from the crevices of the instruments.
  • Tunnel washers which allows complete hands-off processing.
  • World class quality material for all consumables such as wrapping paper, detergents, lubricant sprays,
  • etc. are being used.
  • Certified GETINGE trained staff.
Inspection of CSS & Sterilized Instruments:

Specialized indication process is being used through multiple indicators. Three types of indicators are being used to inspect the machine efficacy and status of sterilized instruments:

Physical indicator:

A special wrapping tape is used which indicates the infection rate.

Chemical indicator:

Following two types of chemical indicators are used:

Serigage – The Serigage is used to indicate the level of infection within the tray.

Boviedic– Test is performed on a daily basis before initiating the operation of the machine to check the machine accuracy level.</p align=”justify”>

Biological indicator:

Live bacteria endospores are used for testing the machine accuracy level on a weekly basis.



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