It provides emergency medical care facilities to infants and neonates round the clock. It is one of the busiest departments of FMH and is known for its service excellence in whole of Punjab.

On average 60 patients are treated daily at the Emergency Department


Fatima Memorial Hospital is committed to providing excellent patient care to every patient of the hospital

The hospital boasts dedicated wards, private rooms, intensive and critical care units to ensure every need of the patient is taken care off.


For convenience of the patients, our pharmacy offers a wide range of medicines and supplies with speedy 24-hours room service. The pharmacy is located on ground floor of the hospital next to the main reception.


Fatima Memorial Hospital has a dedicated housekeeping staff which ensures proper hygienic and sanitary conditions for the patients.


The Department of Nursing is the backbone of Fatima Memorial Hospital. It provides an extensive support to all departments of the hospital, by providing personalized care and attention to cater to all requirements of the patients. Trained in counseling and impairing quality care, nurses at FMH play a pivotal role in healing and recovery of the patients.

Consultant Available:

Prof. Muhamamd Latif Aftab-Professor